October 24, 2010

It's Happening! High Point Market Week

We've been waiting awhile to start blogging about our latest happenings so we can get you the scoop on all things R-I, but things have been crazy! The time is now...and we are ready to jump on in!

This past weekend, Kellie and Kathie were in High Point, NC for the
High Point Market Week.
Designers and buyers from all over the world converged to display their beautiful exhibits featuring the best of the best! There was even a flashmob!

R-I had the opportunity, by a strand of what only can be described as divine appointments, to share space with Paragon, a framed art company in Albertville, AL. You can view their website here.
G.E.A.R. was positioned in Paragon's showroom as if it was a showcase item and was extremely well received. It was more than a hit and was observed as a beautiful, fun, colorful, interesting, fresh and sustainable design! From designers to buyers all who looked at G.E.A.R. were impressed and we are excited to say R-I has a presence in stores across the country. We even sold to a store in Amman, Jordan! We worked with designers and will have our pillows, accent trays, and boards in some gorgeous new homes. Kellie is thrilled that after months of planning, designing and even a few "dumpster dives" something she designed will be a part of somebody's home! What a privilege!

The top news from the weekend is "GEAR is official!" From Nantucket to L.A., Portland to Orlando and places in between we will be shipping to stores all over the country in the coming weeks. Designers and sellers were amazed by the products and wanted to know how they could be involved...incredible!

For the next 6 weeks things are going to be a bit crazy! Kellie is busy cutting and we are working on getting production together. We are working to be able to use the GEAR production process to provide jobs for women...the details are still being worked out, but stay tuned for developments! This, dear friends, is the bottom line for us...changed lives and opportunity!

The time is now. Come Re-invent with us!