March 17, 2011


photo props to flickr

"There is such a purity in working with your hands."
-Gary B.
One of the men we're working with at Friendship Mission

March 11, 2011


Today, I'm going to start off with 3 fun facts about what's going with R-I

Fact: We have a school bus that our friends at Friendship Mission have turned into the manufacturing/sewing headquarters for G.E.A.R....exciting!

The Bus at Friendship Mission

Fact: We have 3 women and 1 guy learning to sew under the guidance of our dear friend Mary. Today, Kellie met another woman who has 3 daughters who want to be a part of learning and producing.

Fact: As of this week, we have shipped G.E.A.R internationally! Jordan and Panama are our first 2 international shipments...we can't wait to see where else G.E.A.R. will go and inspire others to Go! and Re-Invent!

The reality of working with the women and men at Friendship Mission has been unreal. We are learning the hard parts about working with people who have been in situations we can't even fathom, and at the same time we are seeing the joy of seeing someone discover they are capable of creating something beautiful despite their past.
 There is SO much happening behind the scenes we can't even keep up! We are getting a plan in place that will help us tell the stories effectively and put something we can barely put into words...into words!