About Re-Invention

What We Do
Re-Invention exists to find areas where we can go and create new opporruntities for Social Enterprise. Our goal is to duplicate the business models of these enterprises in vulnerable places here at home and around the globe.

Check out our current initiative,  G.E.A.R.

What Is Social Enterprise?
Social Enterprises are businesses established to tackle a social or environmental need. They are distinct because their social and/or environmental purpose is absolutely central to what they do. Profits from Social Enterprises are reinvested to sustain and further the mission for positive change, and most importantly, long lasting change. We believe real change happens when opportunity is created and we are committed to real change through opportunities provided by Social Enterprise.

We are committed to Social Enterprise because we believe it offers a smart alternative to how we approach the elimination of extreme poverty. The reinvested dollars from a Social Enterprise provide education, life-skills training, support, job skill development and build economic sustainability which enables ministries and organizations to get on with the process of transforming the lives of the people they are working alongside.

Social enterprises replace charity and break the cycle of poverty by employment-based solutions.

While we do believe that charity is good, we believe change is best! 

Charity tends to perpetuate the vicious cycle of poverty, while the solution of Social Enterprise (business) has a better chance to break it. Social Enterprise is a sustainable solution!

Hang around a bit and get to know us better. Take a look at our team and of course our latest project, G.E.A.R.!  If you see something you like and just have to have, we'll show you where to find it.  

We are passionate about freedom and believe that work is freedom for the millions who have gifts to contribute to our world from which we all can benefit and learn, yet are prisoners of poverty.  What we're doing isn't rocket science. We're just doing "our" thing and hope to inspire you to find yours!

The time is now. Come re-invent with us!