July 26, 2012

New Stores With G.E.A.R.!

We are excited to announce new stores carrying G.E.A.R.

Perhaps one is in a city near you!

*As always, if there is not a store in your area do not hesisate to contact us for ordering information.*


Decorating Unlimited - Americus


Michele's MSM, Inc. - Peoria Heights


Christy Crider Interiors - Bloomington

North Carolina

Crabby Chic - Wilmington


Laurie's Home Furnishings - Tomball

Lewis Shanks of Texas -  3 locations in Austin, San Antonio and Houston

July 23, 2012

Searching for Success

"What is true success?"

This is a question we have asked ourselves and talked a lot about over the past few months in regards to Re-Invention and G.E.A.R. For most in our industry, success means sales and profit. In many ways, success means the same thing for us, but we've come to see it also means something else...

changed lives.

Ourselves included.

While it's easy to become focused on counting on every single woman we are working with at Friendship Mission to transition out of the program and into a full-time paying job with a home to call their own we have to remember success is not just a desired end result. It is a process. 

And sometimes they don't leave the mission and go into a better situation, but rather back into the same place they came from. We know we are not their saviors. We can only provide a better option. And love them along the way.

We have to trust even when we show up on Saturday to work with the women and the one we were believing in and cheering on has left, it does not mean our time and energy spent with her is lost. Somewhere in her heart, we hope she has gained assurance she is worth something more than what she walked into those doors believing about herself.

More than profit margins and year-end quotas we have decided as friends and as a business that this is our measuring stick and is the only one that counts in the end. This is the success that exceeds market fluctuations and numbers on a spreadsheet. It comes from our heart as a business and is the life blood of our company and flows into the products we make and love to share with you, our customers.

The time is now. Come re-invent with us!

How do you think about success in terms of your endeavors? How has it changed?

July 12, 2012

Re-Inventing a City

We love this new video Leadership Montgomery turned out this week and are excited to be one of the many of the dreams taking off in a city that is indeed "re-inventing" itself!

Montgomery 2.0 from LWT connect on Vimeo.

July 9, 2012

Market Week

We can't believe it's time for The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market!

Going? We would love for you to come see us!

We will be showing G.E.A.R. with our friends at Southern Accessories Today in Building 1 Showroom 12-A-2. 

While you're there, be sure to check out our latest addition to the G.E.A.R. line, the Addis patchwork pillows and ottomans.

Hope to see you there! And if you can't make it to market you can always contact us directly to place an order.