November 22, 2010

The Bottom of the Barrel.

"Do you know what you've come to? You've come to the bottom of the barrel, honey. These people are the last people anyone would pick for their team."   I don't know many people who would be excited to hear those words about the new recruits for their business or team, but we were.

 It seems our dream is coming true. Meetings and time with the people at a place called Friendship Mission is proving to be something that was divinely designed a long time ago. We are in awe at the way it's all coming together-not to mention a little scared.

The short of it is this: During the past few months, we have been thinking seriously about what it would look like for us to come to a place within R-I where we were ready to do the thing we exist to do: create opportunities. The desire was there, but the timing was something we wanted to be wise about. The difficult part has been to consider that our intention is not to just "do" something to "do" something. We realize these are lives we are dealing with. Individual lives of people who come from places and have stories we could never imagine. We want to be intentional and specific, and most of all prayerful about the way we proceed. It's not about us. The bottom of line is transformation. And we want to make sure we make room for that to happen!

So here's where we are: We are in the process of training women who live at Friendship Mission to manufacture G.E.A.R. There is SO much happening that we have to admit we are all a little overwhelmed!

We want to invite you to join us in this journey. The story that is being written and the small part R-I is playing is humbling and exciting! The best part is you're a part of it too. Know this: This is so much more than you or me. It is HUGE. It is beyond us and is reaching into places and lives we never dreamed it would. There is nothing more beautiful or humbling than to realize you are but a small player in a grand Story.
The time is now!

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