August 4, 2011

Write The Vision Down

When I wrote the below paragraph for our marketing piece about our messenger bag I had a vision of one day "seeing" two specific scenarios that are mentioned.  One was in the grocery store, which I saw first within a few weeks.  I knew the other would take some time, but I "wrote the vision down" and believed I would see it.  Well, 14 months later here it is: this is Julie on her mission trip to Uganda! 

"Whether you're trekking through the outback, the Himalayans, the jungle, or the urban jungle, G.E.A.R. is what you'll need.  Tote our garment bag to Europe or to the beach.Throw your passport into our messenger bag for your trip to Africa or toss in your list for your trip to the grocery store.  No matter what your use for G.E.A.R., you'll carry something unique, sustainable, and oh-so-stylish."
...even when buying a turkey at the local church auction!

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