June 1, 2012


"Where there is great love, there are always miracles."
-author, Willa Cather

A few weeks ago, we realized we needed something or more importantly, Someone.  Production is growing and we were in the market for a new seamstress. Someone who could get the work done and do it well. Someone we could invite into something bigger than just putting pieces of fabric together, but invite into helping put lives together.

A few miles down the road a woman needed something or more importantly, Someone. Her love is sewing and she was hopeful she could find an opportunity to create with her hands.  She really needed a job, but a stroke she'd suffered a few years ago had left her believing her options were somewhat limited.  She happens to live at a property developed by the company our good friend Judy works with. Judy's friend, Debbie Bowen, manages this property and does some part-time work with G.E.A.R. The very day we discussed hiring a seamstress, Debbie ran into this woman and discovered she not only needed a job, but also was a skilled seamstress and so wanted to sew...much more than she wanted to go to the interview scheduled that afternoon, for a possible hostess position, at Jack's burger joint.

Debbie knew just the place for her.  The next day she interviewed with us and the following day was seated at a sewing machine in our production room doing what she does best.

Sometimes the miracle you need will be someone else's miracle, too.

Join us in being someone else's miracle. The time is now!

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