August 7, 2012

Introducing...New Products to G.E.A.R.

One thing is for certain, Kellie and the production team are always finding new ways to amp G.E.A.R. up a notch...or two. 

Our latest additions to the G.E.A.R. line are the new Patchwork Messenger Bag complete with each side decked out with our scrap fabric. You see, we never throw anything away! We believe there is always something you can do with the things you would otherwise toss  aside.

We also have a brand new product we are excited to launch: The Weekender! Like the new Messenger Bag, the trim on our Weekender is made of scrap fabric. It's perfect for a weekend away and just the right size to carry on your flight halfway around the world!

*As always, the pictures below are just one of the many options available for these products. 

Patchwork Messenger Bag

The Weekender

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