June 13, 2011

What Is Right In Front Of Me...

This past Saturday was our third training session "on-site" at Friendship Mission!
As I drove from Opelika to Montgomery (about a 45 minute drive) one of my best friend's called.  We had played phone tag for several weeks and so she thought she might catch me while driving over for the Saturday training session...and she was right.  She asked how things were going and we spent the next half hour talking about all that needed to be done and that things had been more overwhelming than ususal over the last few weeks.  We talked about the incredible opportunity G.E.A.R. has to launch our colleciton with a top showroom in Atlanta (more about this in the next post) at the July market, the cost of that market, as well as the cost of materials and road samples for a sales force of 7-8.  Of course, I explained that I'm beyond grateful for this opportunity, and although this is SO exciting G.E.A.R., as she knows, is a start-up in every sense of the word, so each step I take with this company is truly a "Leap of Faith". 
As we continued to talk about all that needed to be done, I began feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. It seems that if I don't talk about all that needs to be done, I stay focused on what's "right in front of me", but if I talk about it ALL, IT just becomes bigger than IT should and way overwhelming!  So, I was fast approaching the mission and changed the subject as I wanted to know how she was doing.  Over the next few minutes we chatted about her happenings.  I was relieved to hear about her sweet life and also relieved that as we talked about her, my breathing became more steady.  I took my left turn into the mission and standing there at the front was Robert Thomas with a beautiful, toothy grin walking over to see how he could help me carry my load in for the training session.  I told my best friend I had arrived at the mission, we said our goodbyes and as I opened my car door I thought, "And this is why I do what I do...THIS IS WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!"  None of the other even matters without what is "right in front of me"!  This is the reason, joy, and the absolute miracle of what we do!  I love these people, I love their stories, I love their willingness to do something more...they are brave, wonderful people and it is an absolute privilege to be able to spend the time that is "right in front of me" with them.
For more information on Friendship Mission please go to www.friendshipmission.org


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  1. Mary Kellie.....LOVE the new look of Blog. And more importantly, LOVE you!! I am so proud and blessed to be not only your sister, but a part of Re-Invention and G.E.A.R.!! XOXOXO- KG1