July 11, 2011

Market and other updates!

Kellie is heading to Market in Atlanta this week to hopefully sell more than we can handle! I (Rachel) and the rest of us are praying for record sales and that the heart and passion that is the driving force behind all we do will be seen and felt! More than anything else, this is about individual lives being changed.  That, to us, is the bottom line.   We will let you know how things go at the end of the week!

Our Saturdays at Friendship Mission are going wonderfully.  It has been a humbling experience being  there each week. I absolutely LOVE watching women like Stacey's eyes light up when they start to get the hang of the sewing.  It is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  This is not to say there are some difficult things that come up, as women leave and move on, but what we hope is that our presence and the opportunity we are presenting them with will be a part of changing the both of us for the better.

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